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  • Dragon Hills

    Dragon Hills is a 18-hole golf course located approx 30 minutes from Ratchaburi. Dragon Hills offers a combination of undulating fairways and greens, a lot of water hazards, doglegs and strategically placed bunkers. The scenic backdrop guarantee a pleasant round of golf.
    Jim Enge, an American who worked with Jack Nicklaus, was the chief designer of track layout. The golf course is built on 1500 acres of land in the middle of the valley. The restaurant has very godmat at really good prices. From restaurants have views down to the first tee.
    Dragon Hills is an affordable path and well worth a visit even if the track is just over 1 hour and 15 minutes from Cha-Am Beach.

    Designer: Jim Engh
    Length: 18 holes, par 72 (6812 yards)
    Buggy: THB 600 (Optional)
    Time from Cha-Am: Approximately 75 minutes
    Normal Greenfee + Caddiefee: 900 THB
    PlayerGolf`s Greenfee + Caddiefee: 900 THB
    Other: Proshop, Restaurant, Massage

  • Royal Ratchaburi

    Royal Ratchaburi is located in a hilly terrain overlooking the Burmese mountain ranges. The front nine holes are mostly wider fairways than the back nine, which is considered more challenging. The greens are mostly very good, which is unusual for courses in this price range. There are some tough, but short parties 3 hole that requires precise kind of deep valleys. The club house has been recently renovated locker rooms (2016). Restaurant has good food with good prices and very friendly staff.

    Designer: Artanan Yomchinda
    Length: 18 holes, par 72 (6785 yards)
    Buggy: THB 600 (Optional)
    Time from Cha-Am: Approximately 60 minutes
    Normal Greenfee + Caddiefee: 800 THB
    PlayersGolf´s Greenfee + Caddiefee: 800 THB
    Other: Proshop, Restaurant

  • Sea Pine

    This is a course for golfers looking for a shorter course than the championship courses. Seapine is the perfect course for those who like a seaside course. This course measures 6780 meters. The track has a nice sea view of the unique design that is more important than the length of this banan.Vi know that even professional players also have problems turning pairs. The greens are fast and certainly not easy to read, this is a challenge both for amateur players and professionals.

    Designer: Weerayudth Phetbuasak
    Length: 18 holes, par 72 (7305 yards)
    Buggy: THB 600 (Optional)
    Time from Cha-Am: Approximately 35 minutes
    Normal Greenfee + Caddiefee: 2800 THB
    PlayersGolf´s Greenfee + Caddiefee: 2500 THB
    Other: Proshop, Restaurant

  • Sawang

    Sawang Golf Club is located in the valley of Khao Yoi and flows quietly through small hills and valleys just a little bit west of Phetchaburi. A fantastic friendly track with an incredible amount of variation and require special care in selecting the right club to get a solid round. You will find many water hazards and trees along the fairway. The greens are in perfect condition but almost a little too much inclines in some places. Much time and effort has been spent to get the path to the current condition including cleanup of unnecessary ruff along with all 18 holes. The track was built in 1993 and has a par of 72. The Crow 6.959 yards.

    Designer: Isao Katsumata
    Length: 18 holes, par 72 (6959 yards)
    Buggy: THB 600 (Optional)
    Time from Cha-Am: Approximately 50 minutes
    Normal Greenfee + Caddiefee: 1400 THB
    PlayersGolf´s Greenfee + Caddiefee: 1400 THB
    Other: Proshop, Restaurant

  • Royal Hua Hin

    Prince Kampaengpetch, and planlagdes by a Scottish railway builders, Mr A. Zero. Robins. This is a par 72, 18 hole course. Zoysia fairways-and-greens Zoysia. This golf course is located about 1 km from the town of Hua Hin, located next to the famous railway in Hua Hin. Fairway bordered by tall trees, which gives some shady types. Natural obstacles also includes monkeys from the jungle who has a habit of stealing balls. Water hazards can be found on the first and second hole.

    Designer: A.O. Robins
    Length: 18 holes, par 72 (6678 yards)
    Golf cart: 750 THB (Optional)
    Time from Cha-Am: Approximately 25 minutes
    Normal Greenfee + Caddiefee: 2800 THB
    PlayersGolf´s Greenfee + Caddiefee: 2400 THB
    Other: Proshop, Restaurant

  • Majestic Creek

    Opened 1993. Dr. Sukiti designed this course which fascinates. This golf course has a par of 72, 27 hole course. Fairwayens grass is "Zoysia" and the greens of grass team "Zoysia". This path huddle against the Thai / burmeisiska mountain range. Natural water hazards are in överflöd.Banan meander between the many mountains and dalargångar.Majestic Golf Course is a beautiful golf course located inland, and although the surrounding mountainous terängen is located across the path of a platå.Utmanande doglegs offers a desire to want beat the couple but to get in a problematic situation is never far away.

    Designer: Dr. Sukitti Klangvisai
    Length: 27 holes par 72/36 (7123 yards)
    Buggy: THB 600 (Optional)
    Time from Cha-Am: Approximately 30 minutes
    Normal Greenfee + Caddiefee: 3300 THB
    PlayersGolf´s Greenfee + Caddiefee: 2600 THB incl. caddiefee
    Other: Proshop, Restaurant

  • Banyan

    Banyan Golf Club opened in 2008 and has a stunning design with views of both the mountains and the sea. This is one of the reasons why the Banyan was voted Asia's best newly built track in 2009 in the magazine Asian Golf Monthly. Along the path you will be well thought out and strategically placed bunkers and water hazards. The club house is luxurious and built in Thai style.

    Designer: Golfing East (Pirapon Namatra)
    Length: 18 holes - Par 72 (7361yards)
    Golf cart: 750 THB (Optional)
    Time from Cha-Am: Approximately 35 minutes
    Normal Greenfee + Caddiefee: 3900 THB
    PlayersGolf´s Greenfee + Caddiefee: 3900
    Other: Proshop, Restaurant, Spa, Massage

  • Kaeng Krachan

    In the middle of a stunningly beautiful countryside among the jungle, lakes and waterfalls are Keang Krachan Golf & Contry Club located surrounded by mountains. The course is relatively difficult and it is best to try to stay on the fairway to avoid losing his ball among the trees and bamboo branches that are plentiful throughout most of the fairways. There are also some water that is for you to avoid. Fairway is very well maintained and also the greens that can be quite difficult and sometimes it is difficult to see which way the ball will roll. The greens are a little bit of slow. A second course designed by Jack Nicklaus, is currently under construction and will be added in front of the current 18 holes.

    Designer: Cherd Boonyaratavej / Jack Nicklaus
    Length: 27 holes par 72/36 (7330/3600 yards)
    Buggy: THB 600 (Optional)
    Time from Cha-Am: Approximately 45 minutes
    Normal Greenfee + Caddiefee: 1800 THB
    PlayersGolf´s Greenfee + Caddiefee: 1500 THB
    Other: Proshop, Restaurant, Spa, Tennis

  • Black Mountain

    Black Mountain is one of Asia's best courses and has repeatedly been named Best Championship Course in Asia, and was even among the top 100 courses outside the US in Golf Digest 2012-2013. Earlier this year, Thailand Classic was held at Black Mountain, with players like Jimenez, Jaidee, Björn Noren and Edfors. The quality of the track is always 100% whether it is competitive or not.
    The course is designed for all types of players, both amateurs and professionals. and the landscape offers a lot of water hazards, level differences and fantastic greens.
    In Thailand, mandatory caddy and Black Mountain have handpicked caddies who are very knowledgeable, and there is probably the country's best caddies at the Black Mountain. The restaurant at the club house is also this really good, run by a Swedish chef with very friendly and service oriented staff.

    Designer: Phil Ryan
    Length: 18 holes, par 72 (7343 yards)
    Buggy: THB 700 (Optional)
    Time from Cha-Am: Approximately 35 minutes
    Normal Greenfee + Ca

  • Springfield

    This championship course was designed by a real championship golfer,  Jack Nicklaus and opened in 1993. The fact that this is a relatively new path disappears into its maturity and despite mostly through a very successful design.  This course is par 72, 18-hole course and with 9 more holes of Championship Charatar. Fairways "Bermuda 419" and the greens "Tiff Torf". Although the course is located about 5 km inland on fairly flat landscape is still small level differences and a very nice scenery. This is the path that needs precisitet and strength right from the first tee. Though even the amateur golfer can get into a real game.

    Designer: Jack Nicklaus
    Lenght: 27 holes par 72 (7043 yards)
    Caddy: 750 THB (Optional)
    Time from Cha-Am: Approximately 25 min
    Normal Greenfee + Caddiefee: 3800 THB
    PlayersGolf´s Greenfee + Caddiefee: 2600 THB
    Other: Proshop, Restaurang, Spa, Swimmingpool, Tennis


  • Lake View

    Opened in early 1993. Roger Packard was awarded the task of designing this path as challenging and difficult. Lake View bears the hallmark of Mr. Packard in the form of large level differences. This gave the track a unique landscape. This course is a par 72, 36 holes. Fairwayens grass is "Bermuda 419" and the greens are of "Tiff Torf". The track is located in the mountain range which divides Thailand from Burma. The place was originally a annanaskoloni. Therefore, most of the natural vegetation had cleared away. This meant that you had to plant 10.000 trees and other trees that make this course incredibly beautiful and färgsprakand. This course is for adrenaline seekers with sharp doglegs, a lot of water hazards and well hidden greens.

    Designer: Roger Packard
    Length: 36 holes par 72/72 (6915/7015 yards)
    Golf cart: 750 THB (Optional)
    Time from Cha-Am: Approximately 25 minutes
    Normal Greenfee + Caddiefee: 2850 THB 
    PlayersGolf´s Greenfee + Caddiefee:1950 THB
    Other: Proshop, Restaurant, Spa,

  • Palm Hills

    Palm Hills opened for play in December 1991 and became one of the first of the championship courses opened for international games. Palm Hills Golf Course was designed by the talented "Max Wexleren" .is in 1993 it was the main course of the tournament and this was arranged opening THAILAND WORLD PRO AM golf tournament. Acclaim was amazing, both from competitors and British PGA. This is a par 72, 18-hole course. Fairways Bermuda 419-and-greens Tiffen Torf. The track is one of Hua Hin's most beautiful and extremely well planned. The owners have really gone to extremes and the natural beauty surrounded by mountains. Fairway is generous and leads to fantastic greens. Water hazards come into play on the twelfth of the 18 holes. Normally, you do not have a very long drive to master the course, there is the planning of the game that is most important. The course consists of two parts. The first nine and the back nine is separated from both the clubhouse and the nearby mountains.

    Designer: M

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